Wigilia (Polish Christmas Eve Celebrations)


For days in advance, Poles prepare the traditional foods that will be enjoyed during Wigilia, or Christmas Eve supper. Hours are spent rolling, chopping, and baking until homes are filled with aromas that evoke long cherished memories. With traditions that survived centuries of war, partitions and decades of communism, Wigilia is truly special. My mother swears that no matter she does in the kitchen now, the food just doesn’t quite taste the same as she remembers in Poland…I’m sure that’s nostalgia at work. Continue reading

Mushroom Picking! Grzybobranie!


Mushroom picking, or grzybobranie in Polish, is a popular family activity throughout many Slavic cultures.  On a much larger and industrial scale, Poland is also the largest exporter of mushrooms in the world.  Needless to say, mushrooms are an important part of Polish cuisine and culture. Continue reading