Carrot Soup


This carrot soup is really more of a broth, and is meant to be served with dumplings or noodles. It has a kick from all of the fresh ground black pepper and whole peppercorns. Fresh pepper is important here since it has a much stronger flavor! Continue reading


Wigilia (Polish Christmas Eve Celebrations)


For days in advance, Poles prepare the traditional foods that will be enjoyed during Wigilia, or Christmas Eve supper. Hours are spent rolling, chopping, and baking until homes are filled with aromas that evoke long cherished memories. With traditions that survived centuries of war, partitions and decades of communism, Wigilia is truly special. My mother swears that no matter she does in the kitchen now, the food just doesn’t quite taste the same as she remembers in Poland…I’m sure that’s nostalgia at work. Continue reading

Potato Dumplings (Kluski)


The humble potato shines in this basic recipe and makes approximately 65 heavenly potato pillows. Kluski are delicious when fried with some butter and breadcrumbs on a pan, with a mushroom sauce, or in soups. I’m pretty sure that this is the second most popular form of potato in Poland, right after potato and cheese pierogi 🙂 Continue reading

Baked Chicken and Root Vegetables (One Pan Dish)


There are very few things that are as comforting as a good bowl of chicken soup. Given this universal truth, it makes sense that a baked chicken dish that incorporates many of the same core ingredients tastes delicious as well. This is an easy one pan dish that uses most of the base vegetables in the always reliable rosół recipe on this site, but could also be substituted with other similar ingredients. Think of it as the “not a soup, chicken soup in a pan” recipe. You’ll notice that most of these are hardy root vegetables and therefore will bake similarly. If you do substitute, you need to be strategic and place faster cooking vegetables in the center of your pan and slower cooking vegetables on the outside, where the heat tends to be more intense. Continue reading

Onion and Plum Relish


My grandmother has the most amazing raspberries and plums growing in her backyard in Poland. These same plums are behind the amazing homemade śliwowica (plum brandy/life elixir) that my cousins make, but that’s for another time here! Though I haven’t found the same flavors in American stores/markets, reminiscing about them made me want to post a recipe with the best plums I could find.

img_3701 Continue reading

Breakfast Buckwheat


I’ve already raved about buckwheat in a savory recipe post, so I don’t need to do it again here! Roasted buckwheat for breakfast might sound strange to some, but it’s a great way to start the day. You can add whatever you might add to oatmeal to this, but I had strawberries, raisins, and almonds on hand for this recipe. Continue reading

Sweet Cheese Crepes (Naleśniki z Serem)


Naleśniki are a basically the Polish version of French crepes. I guess these are also like blintzes (?) but I won’t try to wrap my head around the differences, if there are any (I actually think they are the same). I simply know them as naleśniki and they are fantastic! Continue reading

Zapiekanka (Toasted open-face sandwich)


Oh man, I remember running home after school as a little girl to get my hands on some hot zapiekanki…ahhh memories. Zapiekanki are toasted open-face baguettes that are typically topped with mushrooms, onions, cheese, and ketchup. But really, they are communist food shortage pizzas from Poland. This poor man’s pizza is the product of hard times in 1970s Poland that saw an astronomical rise in basic Continue reading